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Digital Development

An adaptive and dynamic digital strategy is essential to elevating your campaign's presence and appearance. Our team specializes in taking a candidate's existing resources a step further by maximizing efficiency and generating content that engages and mobilizes voters. Multi-faceted digital marketing is our winning approach to ensure that progressives are supported, heard, and elected into office.

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Beyond Rolodexing

Our firm improves the structural longevity of campaigns by providing supplementary assistance with financial necessities. We deliver a systematic fundraising plan that stabilizes and increases monetary support for your campaign with a grassroots approach. 


Field Innovations 

We offer comprehensive field consulting and organizing services to ensure that your campaign develops and maintains personal connections with constituents and a strong community presence. Our team brings experience-based solutions for your field plan, ensuring that your campaign maximizes its impact in the field and at the polls.

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Volunteer Progressive Solutions is a political consulting firm based in Chattanooga, TN that provides specialized services to progressive campaigns. We are a team of political operatives with an energetic passion to help public servants and advocates by providing essential campaigning services. We believe in progressive structural change through the power of grassroots civic engagement and voter mobilization. 

We are here to ensure that progressive candidates are seen, heard, and equipped with the necessary resources for success in their campaigns. Specializing in local, state, and national electoral and GOTV campaigns, our consultants provide thorough, innovative, and experienced-informed campaign solutions.


Meet the Team


Karley Dodson


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Al Douglas


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Alanna Li

Operations Specialist

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Karley Dodson holds a BA in Communications from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She specializes in digital strategy, social media management/analytics, and public relations. Since 2018, she has served in several roles as a media producer, communications director, and campaign manager.  

Al Douglas holds a BS in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and specializes in voter/donor data management and analytics. Al has worked in political organizing in Tennessee since 2016 and is dedicated to mobilizing voters and supporting progressive leaders for public office.

Alanna Li serves as President of Lifting Lives Nonprofit, a student-led advocacy organization that works on behalf of equitable education for all. She has also served as a Senior Advisor on a number of campaigns across the US.


Jeffrie Chambers

David Deberry

Deputy Field Director

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Jeffrie Chambers is a junior at Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts. He serves as the TN Chair for High School Democrats of America and has worked on numerous national campaigns. Jeffrie has a passion for connecting and mobilizing young people to promote structural change through civic engagement. 

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David Deberry is an engineering student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He serves as President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at UTC and works with the Brother2Brother youth mentorship program.

Field Operations Specialist, Recruiter




For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via the inquiry box below or any of the addresses listed.

1100 Market St. Suite 600

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Book a Free Consultation

How can we help? We offer free one-hour consultations to determine if our team can be of assistance to your campaign. Our goal is to meet you where you are and use our streamlined services to set your campaign up for success. 


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